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Country Western and Bluegrass Music

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Classic Country Meets Bluegrass Music

 Mike Owens’ sound can be described as classic country mixing with a flare of bluegrass music. His trio can play a variety of genres (Country, Rock ’n Roll and Bluegrass). He has been performing at dance clubs, community and fraternal organizations, VFWs, yacht clubs, casinos, private parties, and much more throughout Maryland.


Mike Delivers a Variety of Everything -

Audiences have been attending Mike's music concerts because his band can play anything and everything, yet still he have his own sound. It is true to Maryland's style of music, classic country meeting folk and bluegrass music.


If you love Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Carl Smith, your going to love Mike's music!



Michael T. Owens began playing guitar at the age of three when intrigued by listening to his uncle, Jack Palmer, playing music in his band. During his uncle's band rehearsal, Mike played along on a little toy six-string Roy Rogers guitar that his uncle put "real" strings on. By the age of five Mike was performing on stage at such places as Sunset Park and Gloryland Park as an opening act for some of the legends of country music. In elementary school Mike formed his own "band" playing music from greats such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Carl Smith to name just a few. Mike also started winning local talent contests. 
In junior high school, Mike's voice changed to a deeper bass tone, and he was asked to sing in a popular local band. Mike played all through junior high and high school. After graduating from high school, he kept playing the music and the songs that he loved. Country music for Mike took an interesting turn when he discovered bluegrass music. Mike decided to keep playing "classic country" with acoustic instruments and added a banjo to get that “Bluegrass” sound. During his years playing bluegrass he was asked to be the president of the North Bay Bluegrass Association, and he's glad he did because of his many opportunities to meet some very talented people.
Mike’s music took another twist with the traditional style of country music coming back to the fore, and now the Mike Owens Band plays classic country and classic rock & roll along with some originals. The Mike Owens Band performs for music and dance clubs, community and fraternal organizations, VFWs, yacht clubs, casinos, private parties, and much more.

Bell Buckle Records

More Music to Come!

Mike Owens will be recording more music for 2020 on the Bell Buckle Records Label.